National Industrial Training Institute


The Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide training to high school graduates to prepare them for entry-level jobs. The program provides participants with academic and job skills training to ensure that they have the skills necessary to be successful in their future jobs.




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The qualification is aimed at new entrants to the industrial sector seeking employment in the specialist domain of welding, metal fabrication or thermal cutting.

The program is predominantly practically applied, providing the candidate with the knowledge and skills serving as a foundation for progression into on the job training.

Course Outline

  • Measuring in Imperial and Metric
  • Performing Technical Sketching and Drawing
  • Using layout and Hand Tools and Performing Bench Work
  • Shop and Plant Skills
  • Perform Rigging Operations
  • Interpret Fabrication Drawings
  • Perform Oxyacetylene Operations
  • Maintain Piping Systems
  • Performing Pipe Bending
  • Fabricate Welded Pipe Spools
  • Fabricate Socket Weld Spools
  • Fabricate Threaded Pipe Spools
  • Fabricate Non- Metallic Pipe
  • Maintain Heat Exchanger