National Industrial Training Institute

At a Glance

The National Industrial Training Institute (NITI) is a state-of-the-art institute that inspires passion for training excellence, world-class training programs, and human resources development.

NITI is an independent, not-for-profit training institute. It is the result of a strategic partnership between Saudi Aramco (SA) and the Technical & Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

NITI, that is located in a land lot donated by Saudi Aramco in Al- Hasa, intends to train and qualify young Saudis in order to meet the market & industry needs, contribute to community growth, help reduce unemployment and support the Kingdom’s Saudization efforts.

NITI offers industrial training mainly to high school graduates to qualify them to work in the Oil / Gas, Petrochemical, Energy and Construction industries, in addition to their various related Services Companies NITI will sustain best-in-class quality standards, obtain international accreditation and will be targeted to become a benchmark and a model for training excellence for potential replication in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Vision & Mission

NITI Vision

To be a world-class industrial training provider in Saudi Arabia.

NITI Mission

To provide world class industrial technical training to prepare a skilled and competent workforce for the hydrocarbon, chemical and energy-related industries through internationally accredited programs.

NITI's Goals

  1. Capitalize on the significant achievements and the remarkable progress of the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries
    in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a result of the Kingdom’s tremendous support and incentives
  2. Participate in fulfilling the Kingdom’s expanding needs for skilled Saudi workforce in certain industrial and
    vocational specialties.
  3. Increase the Kingdom’s industrial and vocational training capacity to deliver a skilled Saudi workforce.
  4. Develop the knowledge, skills, and professional attitudes of the young Saudi workforce.
  5. Participate in reducing unemployment in the Kingdom.
  6. Support the Kingdom’s Saudization efforts.
  7. Contribute to the economic growth of the Kingdom.
  8. Become a worldwide benchmark for training excellence for potential replication in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

Founders and Stakeholders



In order to achieve our vision and mission we seek to create strategic partnerships with a number of relevant entities in both the public and private sectors, which would help to develop our work system and serve mutual purposes. Some of our stakeholders, clients and customers are.

Board Of Trustees

The NITI Board of Trustees is comprised of members with a diverse set of talents, experience, and competencies that will best fulfill NITI’s mission and objectives. The BoT was initially formed by the two Founding Members – Saudi Aramco and the TVTC- to be joined later by representatives of approved NITI Primary Stakeholders. In accordance with NITI charter, members of this fully independent, self-governing body meet at least twice a year to oversee the Institute’s activities and monitor its progress and development.

The main roles and duties of NITI Board of Trustees (BoT) are to:

  • Develop and implement an active and continuous strategy for attracting potential Primary Stakeholders to join NITI,
  • Appoint and remove NITI’s Executive Director and other NITI’s executives,
  • Manage and operate NITI as it sees fit,
  • Control and manage all of NITI’s assets and liabilities and
  • Take all required and/or appropriate steps to dissolve NITI and
    dispose of its assets as it sees fit.
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Chairman, NITI Board of Trustees Executive Vice President of Technical Services, Saudi Aramco

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Vice Chairman, NITI Board of Trustees, Chief Executive Officer, Colleges of Excellence, TVTC

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Member, NITI Board of Trustees Vice President, Training & Development, Saudi Aramco

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Member, NITI Board of Trustees Vice President, Pipelines, Saudi Aramco

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Member, NITI Board of Trustees Chief Executive Officer, International Maritime Industries

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Member, NITI Board of Trustees Vice President, Industrial Relations, Sadara Chemical Company

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Member, NITI Board of Trustees Head of Training Subsidy, HRDF

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Member, NITI Board of Trustees Dean, College of Engineering Sciences, KFUPM

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Member, NITI Board of Trustees President and Chief Executive Officer, GE Gas Power Services

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Member, NITI Board of Trustees General Manager, Human Resources and Services, Marafiq Company

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Member, NITI Board of Trustees Head of People and Organization, Siemens Saudi Arabia

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Member, NITI Board of Trustees General Manger, Saudi Water Academy, Saline Water Conversion Corporation

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Secretary, NITI Board of Trustees NITI/NPA Managing Director, National Industrial Training Institute & National Power Academy

Social Responsibilities

NITI participates actively in community development and improvement activities by offering special courses that respond to the needs of different community sectors and business lines. One of these programs is the School Visit Program where selected numbers from different local schools are invited to visit NITI and get acquainted with the institute and its mission. Also, the importance of vocational training will be highlighted to the visitors. Another of the community outreach programs is the Summer Program which is offered to High School Students. Also, courses in English for specific purposes and professional development courses for employees in different business sectors can be offered.


NITI's Campus

365,000 square meters located in the city of Al-Hasa.
1,000 Prayers mosque capacity
1,050 seats auditorium capacity
2,500 trainees capacity
1,000 dining hall capacity
1,000 Trainees accomodation capacity
144 smart classrooms
1,000 fans football stadium capacity
100 faculty accomodation capacity
59 workshops equipped
Recreational sports center with an Olympic swimming pool
4 Online testing rooms
24/7 hour clinic
laundary Services
Driving and heavy equipment training center

NITI's Frequently Ask Questions

What is the language of training at NITI?
NITI uses English as a medium of instruction and communication. The first year of training at NITI will be mainly dedicated to English language training and related academic subjects as Math.
Are all training patterns the same length?
No. Training pattern length depends on the discipline or job and the placement level.
Does NITI have a student compound?
Yes, NITI compound has state-of-the-art buildings and including student accommodation for 1000 trainees in addition to recreational facilities.
Do all students pass at NITI?
The institute’s aim is to have all students pass their training programs. However, a few students who are not serious about their training fail.
What training technology and delivery methods does NITI use?
The NITI compound includes 60 workshops, 110 classrooms, 4 laboratories, 2 testing rooms equipped with cutting- edge technology and most up-to-date equipment. NITI sustains contemporary and innovative approaches to teaching where each trainee has an iPad, curriculum is on line, teachers are mainly facilitators and each has access to a plethora of on-line resources and on-line libraries.
Does NITI provide training for people with special needs?
As part of its continued commitment, NITI will be offering selected courses for people with special needs. These courses will be in coordination with charity institutions or in alignment with the sponsorship of certain organizations.