National Industrial Training Institute


Apart from offering training programs and courses, NITI is planning to expand into other HRD services and consultations for its clients and interested parties. NITI will not only train the employees but will also offer consultations in HR policies and future manpower requirements. HRD services contemplated by NIT may include all or some of the following:

NITI offers industrial training mainly to high school graduates to qualify them to work in the Oil / Gas, Petrochemical, Energy and Construction industries, in addition to their various related Services Companies NITI will sustain best-in-class quality standards, obtain international accreditation and will be targeted to become a benchmark and a model for training excellence for potential replication in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Consultation services related to competency mapping, career planning, career succession, employee development plans, etc.

Training Need Analysis

Analyze Training needs to develop training program or modify and improve existing ones and to assess gaps and possible training interventions. Ensure that Development and training needs are identified and appropriate programs are implemented and evaluated for all employee levels.


Evaluate the effectiveness and validity of different training programs proving recommendations for improvement.

Training Intervention

Initiate and develop a Management Development Plan in line with the actual and future demands of the business.