National Industrial Training Institute

Mohammad H. Al Ajami

The National Industrial Training Institute besides it is a non-profit institute it is a modern institute equipped with the latest technologies. It also cares about training youth according to the principles and values that aim at excellence and safety.

The Institute provides the students within the residential complex residential units, gyms, restaurant, supermarket, laundry, and other amenities. We also hope to increase the number of shaded parking in front of student residential areas, especially in summer.

Regarding my experience at the Institute, I have gained great experience from the practical training and job skills, especially from the high tech simulators, which are designed to simulate the work of the actual machines in the factories, as my specialization the Institute is Instruments.

After graduating, I started working in Aramco with the same specialization. Thankfully, I am very well versed in diagnosis and repair. I have presented some solutions and opinions that have been accepted by my department. I am very proud to be a member of Saudi Aramco and one of the largest companies in the world.