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The Institute launches such programs that relates to certain professions in order to test eligibility and ensure readiness to perform the required tasks, and to grant a locally and internationally approved certificates to qualified professionals.

Instrumentation (PCST)


1-4 Days

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Course Overview

This short training course provides systematic refresher training in order to pass the “Contractor Workforce Assessment Test” as provided in the NITI premises. In close relation to the test requirements, the course deals with the essential background on knowledge of Instrumentation being identified on “must know-level”. This short training course cannot provide foundations.

Who Should Attend?

This short training course is addressed to experienced “Instrumentation Technicians” who intend to participate in the “Contractor Workforce Assessment Test” or are in need of a refresher course before participating in the respective test. The course is not suitable to qualify newcom-ers and inexperienced persons in the Instrumentation discipline due to the limited time and the more theoretical nature of the contents. Par-ticipants should possess the required technical knowledge already.

Enabling Objectives:

The training provides a very quick review on a number of tech-nical subjects, which could be part of the Contractor Assessment test.

  • Health and safety at the workplace
  • Identification of hazards and precaution measures
  • Lockout-Tagout procedures
  • Terms, Symbols and P&ID Terminology
  • Identify Instrument loops
  • Proper use of test equipment in the trade
  • Identify instrument and control loop components, transducers
  • Define Piston Actuator principles
  • Troubleshooting of Pneumatic Control Loops
  • Thermocouple principles and troubleshooting
  • Calibration of switches, sensors and electronic transmitters
  • General troubleshooting and instrumentation repairing


  • ITC-C-005 CWQAP – Instrumentation Test – 1 day
  • ITC-C-006 CWQAP – Instrumentation Training + Test – 4 days