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Believing in the importance of developing the human resources, which is one of the most important factors for institutions’ success, the Institute has been keen to establish short technical courses in the disciplines it offers, which targeting administrative staff, engineers and technicians in the oil and gas sector.

Confined Space Entry (CSE)


1 Days

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Course Overview

Both the general industry and the construction industry conduct numerous
work tasks that require entry into confined spaces. Confined spaces are subject to contain many hazards that must be eliminated or controlled prior to entry. Workers must know and follow established confined space entry (CSE) procedures and follow all safety procedures. Identifying the CSE hazards and then controlling them is the most essential part of this course. The course will educate participants on the definition of a confined space and the minimum site safety requirements and procedures to be implemented when opening, entering, exiting, and/or performing work within these spaces.

Who Should Attend?

The course is tailored for personnel preparing, planning, opening, entering,
exiting, restoring, and/or performing work within Confined Spaces.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Define and identify various types of confined spaces.
  • Define confined space entry (CSE)
  • Limited openings for entry/exit.
  • Increase the awareness of personnel.
  • Recognize common hazards in entering confined space.
  • Describe the importance of PPE, safety harness, standby/rescue procedures.
  • State the requirements of the Confined Space Entry program
  • Define the requirements to plan and prepare a Confined
  • Space Entry (CSE)
  • Identify work hazards and control measures
  • CSE permits
  • Define CSE roles and responsibilities
  • Testing the atmosphere.
  • Isolation (lockout/Tagout).
  • Standby/rescue.
  • Communication
  • CSE Entry Log
  • CSE Stop Work and Emergency Response
  • CS restoration (Handover)