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Believing in the importance of developing the human resources, which is one of the most important factors for institutions’ success, the Institute has been keen to establish short technical courses in the disciplines it offers, which targeting administrative staff, engineers and technicians in the oil and gas sector.

Manual Handling & Load Secur-ing Techniques


1 Days

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Course Overview

This course will help your organization reduce the number of Musculoskeletal
Disorders (MSDs), associated with Manual Handling, which is the most commonly reported type of work-related ill health. Every organization has potentially harmful manual handling tasks, this is why manual handling training and awareness plays such a central role in occupational safety. Manual Material Handling (MMH) is an important application of ergonomic principles that especially addresses back injury prevention. However, safe loading is for any type of cargo that must be contained or secured and safely placed in/at the vehicles. The load must be properly secured to prevent danger to personnel, public, and even the driver that’s transporting the materials.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for any personnel whose work requires manual lifting
and safe loading of materials.

Enabling Objectives:

  • Introduction
  • Define Manual Material Handling (MMH)
  • Identify five types of MMH activities
  • Back injury statistics
  • General causes of back injury
  • Injury prevention: Maintain posture
  • Factors that influence MMH
  • Safe lifting guidelines
  • Implement safe lifting plan
  • Define safe loading
  • Roles and responsibility of management, operation personnel, and rivers
  • Identify and prevent unsafe loading
  • Ten commandments for safe loading
  • Identify vehicles for different cargo loads
  • Types of headboards
  • Load securing equipment
  • Stacking/placement of cargoes
  • Load restraint principles