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Believing in the importance of developing the human resources, which is one of the most important factors for institutions’ success, the Institute has been keen to establish short technical courses in the disciplines it offers, which targeting administrative staff, engineers and technicians in the oil and gas sector.

Fiber-Optic Communications


5 Days

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Course Overview

To create an awareness in Electricians, Electrical & Telecommunications Technicians as well Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineers
on the workings of Fiber-Optic Communications.

Who Should Attend?

Electricians, Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Technicians and Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineers.

Enabling Objectives:

  • Demonstrate a simple fiber-optic communication system;
  • Investigate analog optical communication systems;
  • Investigate digital optical communication systems;
  • Demonstrate PWM and PPM transmission methods;
  • Troubleshoot a Fiber-optic system.