About Training

To enhance the quality of NITI graduates and make sure their training is fit for purpose, the Technical Advisory Council (TAC) is formed and delegated the task of consistently reviewing and recommending improvement to NITI's industrial & technical training programs.

TAC is made up of technical consultants each of whom is appointed by one of NITI's Clients. NITI BoT Chairman, or his designated representative, shall be the Chairman of TAC & shall preside at its meetings. TAC shall have an average membership of nine (9) persons each serving for duration of two (2) years.

TAC Main Duties:
  • Establish and develop an active and continuous assessment program to recommend improvements mainly to NITI's industrial and technical training programs to enhance the quality attributes of NITI's graduates.
  • Analyze current & future industrial & technical training needs specific to NITI's stakeholders/clients and market & industry requirements.
  • Benchmark & share industrial/technical training best practices & learning technologies nationally & internationally for NITI's purposes.
  • Review, guide, endorse and recommend improvements to NITI's industrial & technical training programs and special courses.
  • Help promote and improve communications between NITI and its customers, as well as with related training and market & industry entities.
  • Seek assistance from NITI's Founding Members & its Stakeholders & Clients in support of NITI's industrial & technical training requirements as in the donation of related retired equipment, machinery, endowments, or contributions of any kind.
  • TAC recommendations shall be consolidated and presented bi-annually in a written report to NITI's BOT for their consideration/action.
  • Perform and carry out other duties and tasks as assigned by NITI's BoT.

NITI is working on establishing a Library to provide information resources and technology-based learning that promotes self-development and professional growth. Resources will be available in books, DVDS, CD-ROMS, videos, journals and online databases to all NITI enrollees and staff. The library will be provided with an automated loan system which enables users to view the library catalogue, order books , renew their borrowed materials or view latest additions to the library.


NITI is also working on developing a special e-learning website portal. The website will host e-learning resources and links to further training resources either via NITI or via the Internet. E-learning opportunities at NITI support professional and competencies development as well as safety training. Most e-learning on the website will be designed to support training requirements for specific jobs and certification or recertification requirement.


NITI workshops are equipped with cutting edge technology simulators that support operational training courses. These include 2 BOC Simulators and 2 DCS simulators.


The NITI compound includes 60 workshops dedicated to Metals Mechanic programs, Welding programs, Electrical programs, Machinist programs, Instrumentation programs, Electronic/Telecommunication Technician programs, Survey Technician programs and construction related programs.


NITI is developing two fully fledged and equipped labs that serve different purposes. One of these labs will be dedicated to chemistry and the other to physics.

People with Special Needs Training

As part of its continued commitment and community services, NITI will be offering selected courses for people with special needs. These courses will be in coordination with charity institutions or under the sponsorship of certain organizations and in coordination with TVTC and HRDF.

Community Outreach

NITI participates actively in community development and improvement activities through offering special courses that respond to the needs of different community sectors and business lines. One of these programs is the School Visit Program where selected numbers from different local schools are invited to visit NITI and get acquainted with the institute and its mission. Also, the importance of vocational training will be highlighted to the visitors. Another of the community outreach programs is the Summer Program which is offered to High School Students. Also, courses in English for specific purposes and professional development courses for employees in different business sectors can be offered.

HRD Services

Apart from offering training programs and courses, NITI is planning to expand into other HRD services and consultations for its clients and interested parties. NITI will not only train the employees but will also offer consultations in HR policies and future manpower requirements. HRD services contemplated by NIT may include all or some of the following:


Consultation services related to competency mapping, career planning, career succession, employee development plans, etc.


Evaluate the effectiveness and validity of different training programs proving recommendations for improvement.

Training Need Analysis

Analyze Training needs to develop training program or modify and improve existing ones and to assess gaps and possible training interventions. Ensure that Development and training needs are identified and appropriate programs are implemented and evaluated for all employee levels.

Training Intervention

Initiate and develop a Management Development Plan in line with the actual and future demands of the business.


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