What is the language of training at NITI?

NITI uses English as a medium of instruction and communication. The first year of training at NITI will be mainly dedicated to English language training and related academic subjects as Math.

Are all training patterns the same length?

No. Training pattern length depends on the discipline or job and the placement level.

Does NITI have a student compound?

Yes, NITI compound has state-of-the-art buildings and including student accommodation for 1000 trainees in addition to recreational facilities.

Do all students pass at NITI?

The institute’s aim is to have all students pass their training programs. However, a few students who are not serious about their training fail.

What training technology and delivery methods does NITI use?

The NITI compound includes 60 workshops, 110 classrooms, 4 laboratories, 2 testing rooms equipped with cutting- edge technology and most up-to-date equipment. NITI sustains contemporary and innovative approaches to teaching where each trainee has an iPad, curriculum is on line, teachers are mainly facilitators and each has access to a plethora of on-line resources and on-line libraries.

Does NITI provide training for people with special needs?

As part of its continued commitment, NITI will be offering selected courses for people with special needs. These courses will be in coordination with charity institutions or in alignment with the sponsorship of certain organizations.

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