Safety, Health & Environment

Along with NITI's training programs are its dedicated efforts to assure the health and safety of its people & assets. NITI serves its employees and trainees through continuous wellness programs, state-of-the-art health facilities and designated medical facilities.

NITI's commitment to safety is of critical significance. The mission of the Safety, Health & environment Division is to ensure the safety of NITI employees and trainees, as well as institute’s assets, by identifying hazards, controlling risks and educating and motivating the institute’s personnel and trainees to work and live safely. It encourages environmental awareness and care through planned programs that cater for recycling, water & power conservation, supporting green & natural features and careful disposal of waste.

NITI encourages a safe & healthy lifestyle. NITI’s commitment to preserving health is made through health campaigns, presentations, exhibits and publications and backed by recognition & awards.

NITI Stakeholders