NITI's Complex

One thousand NITI trainees will be accommodated in fully equipped and furnished housing units inside the NITI complex. The housing compound will help trainees to lead a comfortable, healthy and secure life with respect to social values and traditions. Housing will be provided to the trainees if their family residence is not within 50 kilometers from NITI Complex.

NITI staff will be accommodated in separate living quarters inside the Complex. They will enjoy a comfortable living environment, which combines high quality housing and security.

Community Services

NITI offers a variety of community services to help staff and trainees enjoy active, healthy lives by balancing their professional and family commitments with satisfying leisure and travel opportunities. The Institute offers bus and taxi services for staff and trainees. Complimentary bus service is also offered to the nearby cities of Al-Hassa and Dammam.

The commercial center offers all the services and conveniences that members of the Institute community need, including:

  • a grocery store
  • a dry cleaner
  • a bank
  • a travel agent
  • a post office
  • a barber shop
  • a huge dining hall that accommodates 1000 people


Residential services are provided and include:

  • home maintenance
  • high-speed Internet
  • satellite television
  • electricity and water
  • local telephone service


Recreational Facilities

NITI members, trainees, staff and their families have free access to athletic facilities, which include:

  • a fully equipped gym staffed with professional trainers
  • swimming pools
  • soccer field
  • basketball courts
  • tennis courts
  • squash courts
  • billiard and snooker tables


Exercise and wellness programs also are open to NITI members, trainees, staff and their families. These programs are designed to meet individual interests and goals, as well as a wide variety of fitness levels.

Medical Services

All NITI staff and trainees will receive free medical treatment. To ensure the well-being of its staff and trainees, the Institute provides a clinic with first aid supplies and medication.

Trainees are eligible for in-Kingdom medical services through a number of local healthcare providers. Staff members, as well as their dependants are eligible for in-Kingdom/International full medical coverage as part of NITI health plan.

NITI Security

‚ÄčNITI is deeply committed to the safety and security of our trainees and staff. The enclosed campus is patrolled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and security personnel are reachable at all times.

As the Institute continues to grow, so does the Public Security Office, which is developing and expanding into a specialized department that handles security and safety for all community members, trainees, visitors and NITI property. The campus has four points of access that are used for all traffic entering and leaving the campus. All vehicles and persons entering the campus are thoroughly inspected, and the campus is equipped with 24-hour security surveillance cameras.

The campus is surrounded by a high and secure wall which remains invisible from the inside, ensuring that our community is safe and secure while maintaining a sense of unrestricted space within the campus walls. Likewise, all cameras on campus point outwards, serving to protect the NITI's community, not monitor its activities.

In addition, the Public Security Office continuously trains its staff with regard to safety and emergency procedures to ensure trainees, faculty and staff safety at all times.

NITI Stakeholders