It is the vision of the NITI Contracting Group (CG) to support the diverse needs of the NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE (NITI) with a flexible, centrally led procurement organization.

The NITI’s procurement activities are governed and controlled by a dynamic ‘Procurement Management Procedure’. It establishes the roles and responsibilities of the various participants in the procurement process, and are designed to ensure that the best qualified individual or group is responsible for accomplishing each step of the contract and purchase development.

The procedure applies to all  contracts to which NITI is or is intended to be a party, and all agreements or documents which amend, modify or terminate contractual rights, duties or obligations.

All procurement development, administration, and custodianship for NITI procurement business is the sole responsibility of the NITI Contracting Group”.


Standard Terms and Conditions

NITI uses its own forms of contracts. Also, it uses non-standard contracts, which are developed on an individual basis to satisfy the requirements of particular situations where none of the standard forms are suitable for the work to be contracted.

Methods of Procurement

NITI uses only two basic methods to procure its contracts.

These are:

                             1- Competitive bidding procurement

                                   a- Open bidding

                                   b- Selective bidding

                             2- Sole Source procurement

Review and Evaluation

The nature of bid/quotation review and evaluation depends on the nature of the work to be contracted and the type of the contract. NITI emphasizes the use of high standard of ethics and fairness at all times during the review and evaluation of bids/quotations.

Organization Chart

Applicable Laws, Rules and Regulations

NITI is a 100% Saudi National training unit established under the Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and, therefore, all of its business relationships shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Employment of Saudi Nationals

NITI encourages the employment and career development of Saudi Nationals, which is found strongly across our variety of contracts.

NITI Stakeholders