The Vocational College Graduates (VCG) Program

The Vocational College Graduates Program (VCGP) aims to dramatically increase the number of highly skilled young Saudis who obtain a post college degree or certificate with labor-market value.
The VCGP is designed for: Technical, industrial, telecommunication, community college and institutes of public administration graduates.
This program helps trainees obtain the required skills to fulfill operational, maintenance, administrative and clerical jobs

Selection Criteria:

  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.00 out of 4.00 or 3.00 out of 5.00.
  • Not exceed the age of 23 Hijra years.
  • Apply within 2 years of their diploma graduation date.
  • Provide a traffic record for the last two years from the Saudi Traffic Police Department with their application.

Applicants need to submit their documentation to NITI during the application period.
Required majors:

  1. Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Engineering Technology
  2. Chemical Engineering Technology
  3. Chemical Production
  4. Electrical Machines and Equipments
  5. Electrical Power
  6. Electrical Power Engineering Technology
  7. Electrical Power Technology
  8. Industrial Electrical Skills Program
  9. Industrial Instrumentation and Control Skills Program
  10. Industrial Millwright Program
  11. Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology
  12. Instrumentation Technology
  13. Mechanical Maintenance Engineering Technology
  14. Mechanical Maintenance Technology
  15. Polymer Engineering Technology
  16. Process Operation and Chemical Analysis Technology
  17. Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning
  18. Pneumatics and hydraulic
  19. Office Management Technology
  20. Applied Science in Office Administration
  21. Applied Science in Business Administration
  22. Computer Science & Engineering Technology
  23. Computer Application
  24. Accounting
  25. Marketing
  26. Information Technology System Support
  27. Executive Secretary
  28. Store housekeeping
  29. Technical support
  30. Networking
  31. Programming
  32. Multimedia &Web Technology
  33. System Administration
  34. Computer Information Technology
  35. Sales
  36. Information System
  37. Secretary
  38. Computer Systems
  39. Material Management Technology
  40. Accounting and Financial Management Technology
  41. Administrative Sciences
  42. Computer Network and Operating Systems
  43. Sales Administration
  44. PC and Network Support Skills Program
  45. Network Administration Skills Program

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