Training at NITI

NITI invites business entities and interested partners to share its legacy and merits and participate in its revolutionary mission. The ultimate goal is to coordinate training efforts under one umbrella and within a unified delivery outlet. This provides standardized training for all graduates and will eliminate the need for retraining. Companies will no longer need to build their own training centers with similar training programs unnecessarily duplicated.


Companies will realize countless benefits if they train at NITI. Responding to corporate social responsibilities and Saudization demands comes at the top of the list. Companies will also attain economical short term and long term benefits. Short term benefits include reduction of training costs with HRDF support and shifting the burden of training to a more specialized entity which will allow companies to focus on their core business.  Long term benefits include creating competent and skilled workforce that will result in more productivity, safety awareness and enhancement of the overall being of employees as well as cost and time reductions.


Apart from the above benefits, NITI accords its primary stakeholders the following immediate benefits:

1.    Representation on NITI BoT

2.    Priority in proposing new training programs

3.    Company logo to appear on NITI publications

4.    Overall priority in enrollment, accommodation and special programs


NITI welcomes new partnerships of companies that are planning to train Saudi nationals.

However, A Training Agreement has to be discussed, agreed upon and signed first between NITI and the Company concerned.

NITI Stakeholders